Grants for Breast Cancer

One of the active organizations in the fight against breast cancer is the Breast Cancer Alliance or BCA. In their fight against the breast cancer, they fund research for the breast cancer and its cure as well as promoting breast health though education and the outreach programs.

The BCA is offering grants for breast cancer in which the support can be used for research, education and outreach programs.

Exceptional Project Grants

This grant is available to clinical doctors as well as research scientists. Their careers must be focused for breast cancer. The grants are open to the applicants working for institutions that are located inside the 322 kilometer radius of the Greenwich, Connecticut. The application for the Exceptional Project Grants will become accessible at on the 6th of May, 2011. The deadline for the application is on or before the 31st July, 2011. The grant can be used to assist a one year research about breast cancer.

Young Investigator Grants

This grant is created to push a devotion to the research for breast cancer. The grants are also available to clinical doctors as well as research scientists and their main research focus is for the breast cancer. They must have the Assistant Professor title or equivalent that they help for at least three years after appointment. Researchers and doctors residing in the following areas may apply: Greenwich, New York, New York City, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Hartford and Albany. The grant will support two years of research. The application form will also be available at in the 6th of May, 2011 and the deadline of application will be on the 31st of July, 2011.

Education Programs and Outreach Grants

Aside from research grants, BCA also supports the fight for breast cancer through education and outreach programs in which they directly support the breast cancer patients in terms of services for breast cancer such as education, counseling and mammogram tests. These services are intended for those people that are uninsured or those who are underserved females. Just like the other grants awarded by BCA, the application will start on May 6, 2011 and the deadline will be on July 31, 2001. The assistance for the programs will run for one year.

For more details you can contact them by calling these numbers;

Telephone: (203) 861 – 0014
Fax: (203) 861 – 1940
Or email them at

Breast Cancer Alliance
15 East Putnam Avenue, No. 414
Greenwich, CT 06830

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