Grants for Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury or simply TBI can be acquired through injuries caused by some external and physical forces. This can result to partial or complete disability. These forces can come from accidents such as motorcycle crash, falling down while the head hits the ground first or the head hits the wall very hard. It is hard to tell which people have TBI because there are no physical signs of it and its symptoms are not seen by the naked eyes.

People suffering from TBI may experience memory problems, abilities in his/her organization and planning and many more. There are worst cases in which people with TBI may suffer more serious problems when they had minor hit on the head. This can lead to short term memory loss, having hard time concentrating, judging and organizing as well as seizures, headaches and many more. In order to help people afflicted with TBI and to understand this injury more, there are organizations helping patients though assisting them in their life as well as researches for TBI. Grants for brain injury are very helpful.

The Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI Program

The Tennessee General Assembly administer the TBI program. This program addresses the needs of people afflicted with brain injury. It also assists the family of the victim and his/her caregivers. The program provides grants in which these are used for the needs of the TBI patients. Eligible parties are municipal and county governments, non-profit organizations and community or home-based programs. The grants can be employed in wide variety of programs such as daily treatment, supportive services, housing, education, behavioral counseling, prevention, professional training, and so on. For application details, call (800) 882-0611 or write them at:

Traumatic Brain Injury Program
HSM 4th floor, Cordell Hull Building
425 5th Avenue N.
Nashville, Tennessee 37243

National Football League Charities

The NFL’s charitable arm, the NFL Charities, is committed to give support for medical research and the enhancement of scientific knowledge. Through supporting them, the NFL believes that many will benefit from the result especially those engaging actively in competitive sports as well as recreational athletic sports. A total of $1.5 million cash grant is allotted annually and it goes to the NFL Charities Medical Grant in supporting researches. The foundation puts more emphasis on programs about TBI, cardiovascular, and MRSA. As much as $100,000 can be awarded to deserving organizations. For more details about the program, applications, eligibility and guidelines, you can visit

NFL Charities
National Football League
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

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ALLYSON SCERRI March 12, 2011 at 1:18 am

New Beginning is a outpatient center for all types of Brain injuries, We are not-for-profit and work with Veterans and civilians.


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