Grants for Aging Research

Grants for aging research have been carried out by different organizations in order to make the life of the elderly more convenient by providing solutions to their health problems and concerns and by developing different mechanisms for them to enjoy their life to the fullest. Research grants have been provided by the federal government, government agencies, private institutions, medical groups, and others in order to help the advancement of scientific developments in different areas that concern the elderly.

Alzheimer’s Association

It awards research grant in different categories that include studies in pharmacology, international grants, diversity grants, and conference grants. The organization works to enable academics and scientists to make advancement in their respective researches and seek to introduce cutting-edge ideas into Alzheimer’s research. The organization is the largest nonprofit organization that has been funding Alzheimer’s research in the United States. Applicants for the grant must submit a grant proposal that will investigate or make advance studies on the subject, will identify new strategies of treatment, or provide new approach in providing care to Alzheimer patients. Proposals could also include studies on brain health and brain disease prevention. The Alzheimer’s Association works in partnership with Medical and the Scientific Advisory Council in identifying and developing new territories in research funding. Questions about the grant must be submitted to:

Alzheimer’s Association
225 N. Michigan Ave., Fl. 17
Chicago, IL 60601-7633
Tel. 312-335-8700

American Federation for the Aging

AFAR provides support scientists and researchers with research grants in various categories such as postdoctoral fellowships, aging research programs for medical students, midcareer research grants, and advances in the study of aging. Recipients of grants must submit progress reports on their research as well as financial reports. Information about eligibility can be obtained from:

American Federation for the Aging
55 West 39th Street, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Tel. 212-703-9977

Alzheimer Foundation of America

AFA is composed of a consortium of organizations that provide services and quality care to individuals with Alzheimer’s and related illnesses. The foundation is also involved in ongoing educational programs that aim to remove the stigma that is associated with the disease. It also encourages communities to take part in early detection of Alzheimer programs. The foundation awards grants to individuals and nonprofit organizations who are members of the consortium. Grants are intended to provide the families of Alzheimer patients with help for respite car that includes home care as well as adult day care programs. Nonprofit organizations who receive grants can use the fund to improve educational support services to grassroots organizations and the communities.

Alzheimer Foundation of America
322 8th Ave., 7th Fl.
New York, NY 10001
Tel. 866-232-8484

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