Charles Crane Family Foundation

What is The Charles Crane Family Foundation?

Charles Crane, an investor in real estate in Baltimore Country, formed the Charles Crane Family Foundation, Inc. in 1991. Since his death in 1994, the foundation has continued to support the work of THE ASSOCIATED: Mercy Medical Center and the Jewish Federation of Baltimore. These are the two institutions that he held with high regard.

The Foundation also devotes 70-80% of the remainder of its funds in supporting the Maryland Jewish education found mostly in greater Baltimore. The other 20-30% is given to encourage programs in violence prevention for the benefit of the youth in Baltimore and Maryland.

Who are eligible for The Charles Crane Family Foundation?

This information is not available.

How to apply for The Charles Crane Family Foundation?

Applicants should send 10 copies of their grant proposal.

Where to send applications for The Charles Crane Family Foundation?

10 copies of the grant proposal should be addressed and mailed to the Foundation at:

6225 Smith Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21209-3600

For more information on The Charles Crane Family Foundation, contact:

Laurence M. Katz, President

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