Ausherman Family Foundation

What is the Ausherman Family Foundation Grant?

In 2006, Marvin and Lisa Ausherman established the Ausherman Family Foundation in fulfillment for their vision for Frederick County of Maryland. The vision involves creating a dynamic society of committed institutions and individuals that work together in ensuring that the needs of everyone is met. The mission of the Foundation is to become a catalyst for global and local change.

How to apply for Ausherman Family Foundation Grant?

Organizations that would want to submit a General grants program request must send two sets (an original and a copy) of the information asked below to the Ausherman Family Foundation:

  • The General Grants Program Application Form providing organization information (download the Writable Form or the Electronic Form)
  • Current operating budget
  • List of board of directors
  • Organizational chart
  • List of other significant donors
  • Organizational mission
  • 990 Federal Tax Form

Where to send applications for Ausherman Family Foundation Grant?

Please applications and the attachements to this address:

Joyce A. Heptner, Executive Director
Ausherman Family Foundation
7420 Hayward Road, Suite 203
Frederick, MD 21702

For more information on Ausherman Family Foundation, contact:

Phone : 301-620-4443/ Fax: 301-620-4473

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