Bernard Osher Foundation

What is The Bernard Osher Foundation Grant?

The Foundation will provide scholarship funds for post-secondary schooling to universities and colleges across the nation with particular attention to reentry students. It also gives benefits to integrative medicine programs in Sweden and United States. This includes centers like the University of California, San Francisco; Karolinska Institute in Stockholm; and Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Furthermore, the Foundation gives its support to a national lifelong learning network for the seasoned adults. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes has a National Resource Center located at the University of Southern Main. They are consequently operating the campuses in 117 institutions of higher education from Hawaii to Maine. Finally, The Foundation awards grants to selected educational programs in Northern California and Maine and to a wide array of museums and performing arts organizations.

How to apply for The Bernard Osher Foundation Grant?

Applications should be sent through mail.

Where to send applications for The Bernard Osher Foundation Grant?

Applications can be sent to this address:

The Bernard Osher Foundation
One Ferry Building, Suite 255
San Francisco, CA 94111

For more information on The Bernard Osher Foundation, contact:

Tel. (415) 861-5587
Fax (415) 677-5868

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