Beim Foundation

What is the Beim Foundation Grant?

The Beim Foundation is a multi-generation family foundation that pays homage to the past while it embraces the future.

The Foundation shows its leadership through:

  • Investing in innovation
  • Providing opportunities to the needy
  • Creating sustainable and healthy communities by compassionate action
  • Fostering spiritual and personal growth by giving

Beim Foundation shows its values by awarding grants in the community involving the areas of arts, human services, environment and education.

Who are eligible for Beim Foundation Grant?

Priority in its grantmaking program is given to:

  • Programs that promote collaboration and leverage resources in the community
  • Programs utilizing entrepreneurial approaches

How to apply for Beim Foundation Grant?

Applicants must submit 1 unbound copy of the following:

  • Beim Foundation Application Checklist
  • Beim Foundation Application Form
  • The proposal narrative
  • Final report [pdf], if required
  • Required Attachments

Where to send applications for Beim Foundation Grant?

Beim Foundation
318 West 48th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55419

For more information on Beim Foundation, contact:

Ph: 612-825-1404

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