Barking Foundation

What is the Barking Foundation Grant?

The Barking Foundation is private and non-profit and provides grants to meritorius residents of the State of Maine for their accredited post-secondary education based on the financial need that they established.

Residents of Maine with a financial need in pursuing their accredited degree programs which they will take in institutions of undergraduate educational study are eligible. The Barking Foundation is a grantor that believes in equal opportunity. Applicants will not be denied grants due to affectional orientation, gender, veteran’s status, religion, physical ability or age.

Who are eligible for Barking Foundation Grant?

The Barking Foundation meets semi-annually to review their policies and applications. The Foundation has sole discretion in granting its assistance and will not be subject to a review or appeal. The Barking Foundation absolutely has no obligation to any applicant in particular.

How to apply for Barking Foundation Grant?

Applicants can apply online or mail their application.

Where to send applications for Barking Foundation Grant?

The Barking Foundation
P.O. Box 855
Bangor, ME 04401

For more information on Barking Foundation, contact:

Phone: 207.990.2910 | FAX: 207.990.2975

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