Baton Rouge Area Foundation

What is The Baton Rouge Area Foundation Grant?

As a community foundation that has $530 million assets, The Baton Rouge Area Foundation provides for two important functions for its capital region.

First, the Foundation helps in connecting philanthropists with proficient nonprofits to ensure that the needs of the communities are met. As an example, the Foundation’s donors buy eyeglasses for underprivileged children, support the Shaw Center for the Arts, provide fund services for the care of abused women and children, and underwrite the Manship theatre and symphony. The foundation helps the donors in creating a lasting legacy and in fulfilling their philanthropic goals.

Second, the Foundation invests and manages key projects that could change the community. The Plan Baton Rouge program spearheaded the revitalization plan downtown and is currently working on reviving Old South Baton Rouge. Their asset in real estate helped in reviving the abandoned Capitol House and is programmed to work on other pioneering projects in Baton Rouge. As an offshoot of the land planning division, The Center for Planning Excellence is immersed in building a brand new future for South Louisiana. Also, the Foundation works with its community partners from North Shore up to Lake Charles in the creation of an economic corridor.

How to apply for The Baton Rouge Area Foundation Grant?

Please contact Ms. Stewart Jones, Donor Services, at 225.387.6126 or thru email at:

Where to send applications for The Baton Rouge Area Foundation Grant?

Baton Rouge Area Foundation
402 N. Fourth Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

For more information on The Baton Rouge Area Foundation, contact:

Phone: 225.387.6126
Fax: 225-387-6153

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