Baptist Community Ministries

What is the Baptist Community Ministries (BCM) Grant?

In keeping with the Baptist heritage and responding to God’s love as revealed in Jesus Christ, The Baptist Community Ministries (BCM) commits themselves in developing healthy communities by offering wholesome quality living to their residents and by improving the physical, spiritual and mental health of the persons they serve.

Who are eligible for Baptist Community Ministries (BCM) Grant?

BCM gives financial support as well as the support of their competent staff members in assisting their grantees. Grantees will be required to set specific financial plans and clear objectives. To keep lines of communication open, structured reporting will allow BCM to provide their assistance on the event of an obstacle and in publishing achievements.

How to apply for Baptist Community Ministries (BCM) Grant?

Applicant’s proposals must be sent to the address indicated below.

Where to send applications for Baptist Community Ministries (BCM)Grant?

400 Poydras Street, Suite 2950
New Orleans, LA 70130-3245

For more information on Baptist Community Ministries (BCM), contact:

Phone: 504-593-2323
Fax: 504-593-2301

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