Andersen Corporate Foundation

What is Andersen Corporate Foundation Grant?

The legacy of the Andersen Corporation in supporting their community goes way back to its company’s beginnings in 1902. In their earlier years, their founders Hans and Sadie Angersen, their children, Molly, Fred and Herbert were very active in their community. They participated in the success and growth of the communities wherein they worked and lived. They have always been modest about being generous and they gave anonymous gifts.

The business leaders of the Andersen Corporation founded the Andersen Corporate Foundation (formerly the Bayport Foundation) as a private nonprofit corporation in Minnesota in 1941. The purpose was to help improve the community in St. Croix Valley which is the location of the Andersen Corporation headquarters. The corporation has since then provided funds to the Foundation.

Who are eligible for the Andersen Corporate Foundation Grant?

Qualified non-profit organizations are allocated with capital, general operating and program funding so that they can provide community, support and social services for the betterment of people’s lives and in strengthening communities with a primary focus on where the Andersen employees work and live.

The Foundation priorities funding for geographic locations in their Headquarters area primarily Washington County, portions of Western Wisconsin and Minnesota. Secondarily they fund St. Paul, East Metro area.

The Andersen Corporate Foundation expanded giving to several communities that Andersen has employees and facilities which include Menomonie,Wisconsin; Dubuque, Iowa; Des Moines, Iowa;Page County, Virginia; North Brunswick, New Jersey and Marion, Ohio. Funding requests must be submitted at the local Andersen Enterprise directly to the Regional Foundation Committees.

How to apply for the Andersen Corporate Foundation Grant?

For any questions please call Chloette Haley, Program Officer at: (651) 275-4450

Where to send applications for the Andersen Corporate Foundation Grant?

Chloette Haley
Program Officer
White Pine Building
342 Fifth Avenue North
Bayport, MN 55003

For more information on the Andersen Corporate Foundation, contact:

Phone: (651) 275-4450
Facsimile: (651) 439-9480

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