Alliant Energy Foundation

What is Alliant Energy Foundation Grant?

Funded by the Alliant Energy shareowners, the Alliant Energy foundation is a corporation that is independent, philanthropic and non-profit in nature.

Who are eligible for Alliant Energy Foundation Grant?

Applicants for a Community Grant must take a short Eligibility Questionnaire. They are asked a series of questions answerable by Yes or No that will be helpful in determining if the organization and its request fits into their guidelines.

If the answers to the questionnaire do not fit into the guidelines the organization will be sent a message indicating the reasons why and will be given the information in reference to other programs of the Alliant Energy Foundation.

How to apply for Alliant Energy Foundation Grant?

When the Application questions have been completed, the applicant must hit “Submit My Data” in order for the process to be completed.

The eGrant system sends an electronic confirmation of the receipt of the request and will also send communication when the decision is made or an update on other grant requests available.

Where to send applications for Alliant Energy Foundation Grant?

Applications for grant requests must be sent to this website:

For more information on Alliant Energy Foundation, contact:

You may call 1-866-769-3779 or email

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