Ackerman Foundation

What is the Ackerman Foundation Grant?

In 1992, James F. Ackerman, a philanthropist and local entrepreneur, established this foundation as a charitable trust. The foundation considers and welcomes grant proposals passed by eligible organizations that are under the US IRSC tax exemption code of section 501(c)(3). The foundation is governed by the State of Indiana laws.

The foundation was formed in order to receive gifts, money grants and every kind of property. As an organization based in Indianapolis, grants are predominantly awarded to organizations in Central Indiana and to a few institutions for national medical research. The foundation particularly puts its focus on organizations that benefit from human and health services, education, community development and Indiana cultural institutions. The grant requests that will be considered are for capital campaigns and for operating fund purposes. The foundation will not award grants to individuals.

Who are eligible for the Ackerman Foundation Grants?

The Foundation only accepts grant applications from organizations that are tax exempt under the IRS code section 501 (c)(3). Grants are not given to individuals. One grant for every year to any agency is considered. All grant requests should be written and submitted containing the elements that will be discussed below.

How to apply for the Ackerman Foundation Grants?

The foundation doesn’t issue any form for grant application. The organization must write a short 1 or 2 page letter that describes its proposal in order to be considered. The letter must contain its objectives, time schedule, evaluation procedures and budget. Also submit information that describes the leadership team and board of trustees of the organization. One copy of the Letter of Determination from the Internal Revenue Service showing the 501(c)(3) status must be attached to the application.

Where to send applications for the Ackerman Foundation Grants?

Applications must be forwarded to the following address:

The Ackerman Foundation
280 East 96th Street, Ste 350
Indianapolis, Indiana 46240

To get information about the Ackerman Foundation, call or email:

(317) 663-0205
(317) 663-0215 (fax)

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