Allyn Family Foundation

What is Allyn Family Foundation Grant?

The Allyn Family Foundation, in line with the custom of the original Allyn Foundation, continues with its interest in funding organizations that are concerned with education, welfare and health in the communities wherein each individual trustee lives. Trustees have special concerns for the condition, status and treatment of children, women, minorities and the underpriveleged.

Who are eligible for Allyn Family Foundation Grant?

Applications for grant requests up to $5,000 that meet the objectives and goals of the Foundation’s mission must be submitted to the trustee. Request for grants in Arizona, Maricopa County, Morris County, New Jersey and Cook County Illinois will be given high priority, as well a activities and programs that are the trustees special interests. However, political campaigns and grants to individuals would not be considered.

How to apply for Allyn Family Foundation Grant?

Applicant organizations which are tax exempt under Code 501(c)(3) could submit their proposals in the format of a letter to the correct address most preferably by June 30 of the year which you desire the grant. It is highly suggested that a short proposal must be submitted and if the matter is of the trustee’s interest then a more detailed proposal will be required. Particular importance is given to: the grant’s purpose, status of the organization in terms of tax-exemption, approximate yearly budget, and idea where the remainder of the funds will be procured. A list of the governing body members and staff will be useful. Send two copies of each of the items.

Where to send applications for Allyn Family Foundation Grant?

Allyn Family Foundation
7373 North Scottsdale Road
Suite E-200
Scottsdale Arizona 85253

For more information on Allyn Family Foundation, contact:

Phone: (480) 778-8200

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