Albert Pick, Jr. Fund Grant

What is The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund Grant?

The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund, organized in 1947 to be a private general-purpose and nonprofit corporation. Although its mission has expanded throughout the years still remains faithful to the intention of the founders Corinne and Albert Pick, Jr: “ offer a hand when help is needed.”

Who are eligible for The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund Grant?

Agencies who are applying for the grant may submit their applications only once every calendar year.

The policies of the Fund are limited, restricted and prohibited from supporting:

  • individuals
  • nonprofit programs that are not within Chicago City
  • nonprofit organizations that are not tax-exempt under the IRC section 501(c)(3)
  • fraternal,veteran,athletic, labor or religious organizations that serve a limited constituency
  • coalitions, alliances or similar organizations
  • professional groups that have volunteer service programs
  • individual secondary or elementary schools
  • Local chapters of regional, state or national organization, except Chicago-based programs that have a separate budget, which otherwise meets the guidelines
  • hospitals
  • local chapter agencies of single-disease
  • Endowment funds, building programs or capital campaigns
  • camplaints for the liquidation or reduction of debt
  • Scholarship programs or student aid
  • programs for lobbying, political or voter registration or those in support of a political candidacy of a specific individual
  • travel group or individual
  • fundraising events or benefits that include tickets, sponsorships or courtesy advertising
  • organizations that create conflicts with our programs, goals, officers, employees or directors

How to apply for The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund Grant?

Nonprofits that are eligible for the fund will be requested to accomplish the most recent Application form of the Fund or its precise duplicate. It should be received or postmarked with all the required attachments, on or before any one of the deadlines indicated in the Guidelines.

Prior to the submission of an application, a preliminary letter or inquiry will not be required.

Only the applications that will meet the requirements of the Fund are to be reviewed. Incomplete applications shall not be reviewed nor returned. Complete applications will receive a written acknowledgement.

Where to send applications for The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund Grant?

Applicants can send their complete applications and direct their inquiries to:

Executive Director Cleopatra B. Alexander
The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund
30 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1002
Chicago, IL 60602-3502

For more information on The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund, contact:

Phone : (312) 236-1192

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