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What is Campion Foundation Grant?

The Campion Foundation’s guiding principles are: leveraging resources, investing in leaders, taking informed risks and seizing opportunities. They bring their principles with a strong urgency to 3 areas that benefit from their philanthropic efforts: protecting the wilderness, an end to homelessness and in strengthening non-profits.

The foundation firmly believes that:

  • In Western United States and in Canada, the wildest places must be forever preserved.
  • Homelessness should not be an eventuality in any community but should be a rarity and a temporary setback.
  • A powerful force in the change of a society is a tough and vibrant nonprofit sector.

The foundation collaborates and challenge with organizations that embrace innovative ways in handling environment and social issues for lasting change.

The Campion Foundation wants to do more than give out checks. It wants to control the resources that they have to make a strong impact. They do believe that creative collaborations with our experienced staff, visionary non-profit leaders and risk-taking trustees can accomplish more than they ever could.

Who are eligible for Campion Foundation Grant?

The Campion Foundation will fund the projects that are by invitation only in the 3 program areas: ending homelessness, protecting wilderness and strengthening nonprofits.

The foundation’s geographic scope of the wilderness protection program covers Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Montana and western Canada-most specially British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and Yukon.

They prefer funding selected activities and proposals that are:

  • permanently protect ecologically important and intact ecosystems
  • are protective of landscapes and provide the connectivity for wildlife species between protected lands that exist
  • helpful in reducing imminent threats to the wilderness and where harm is potentially irreversible
  • reflective of innovative strategies and ideas
  • when needed can build capacity for the grantees

They do not provide funds for:

  • individual grants
  • capital construction projects and land acquisition
  • salmon recovery and protection programs
  • programs for water allocation and water quality
  • programs that are economically based and for sustainable development
  • programs for environmental education and environmental justice
  • programs for energy, transportation and air-quality

How to apply for Campion Foundation Grant?

Applications can be sent thru mail.

Where to send applications for Campion Foundation Grant?

Campion Foundation
1904 Third Avenue, Suite 405
Seattle, WA 98101-1150

For more information on Campion Foundation, contact:

206-686-5310 Phone
206-260-0106 Fax

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