Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Grants

What is the aim of the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Grants?

To provide States and localities with the resources and incentives to devise long-term comprehensive strategies for meeting the housing needs of low-income persons and their families living with AIDS.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Grants?

Entitlement grants are awarded by formula to States and qualifying cities for eligible metropolitan statistical areas (EMSAs) with the largest number of cases of AIDS. The most populous city will serve as the applicant/grantee for the EMSAs award; and (2) competitively awarded grants may be awarded to: (a) States, local governments and nonprofit organizations for special projects of national significance; and (b) projects submitted by States and localities in areas that do not qualify for HOPWA formula allocations. Nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply for projects of national significance, but may also serve as a project sponsor to formula grantees. As required by the Appropriations Acts, HUD gives priority to the renewal of expiring permanent supportive housing projects.

How to Apply for the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Grants?

All HOPWA formula grantees must submit a Consolidated Plan and an annual action plan that includes a comprehensive AIDS housing strategy that identifies and outlines how a community has identified local housing needs and how these federal resources will be targeted to address these local priorities. The Consolidated Plan and annual action plan requirements is applicable for each of the four major formula-distribution HUD community development programs, including HOPWA.

HOPWA competitive grant funding is awarded through the Department’s SuperNOFA (Notice of Funding Availability) for new competitive grants for special projects of national significance and for technical assistance activities under the Transformation Initiative.

In addition, the Appropriations Acts authorizes the Secretary of HUD to renew all expiring contracts for permanent supportive housing that were funded under section 854(c)(3) of AIDS Housing Act that meet all program requirements before awarding funds for new competitive grant applications.

Where to Apply for the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Grants?

Headquarters Office
William G. Rudy, 451 7th & D Street S.W. , Washington, District of Columbia 20410
Phone: (202) 708-1934
Fax: (202) 708-9313
Web Site Address: http://www.hud.gov/offices/cpd/aidshousing

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