Grants for Ohio

Government grants for Ohio can be obtained through the Ohio Arts Council (OAC). This council, after extensive planning which started in 2008, is actively providing funding support to more over 1,000 artists, arts programs and art associations all over the state. Included in the council’s various funding activities are arts access, arts learning, arts partnership, and artist in residence. Their Project Support program is focused on creative economic development which provides funding for long term economic development through various art media. The council believes that art can be an active driving force in developing Ohio’s thriving communities.

Support for Artists – the OAC provides grants to assist individual artists engaged in all art disciplines. The council also makes sure that art professionals’ contributions continue to be essential part of the community. The primary program that provides grants to artists is the Individual Excellence Awards, which recognize the artists’ exceptional body of work. Their Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program on the other hand supports traditional master artists and their apprentices. Artists with Disabilities Access is a grant program that provides funding to deserving artists with disabilities.

Ohio state authorities through the OAC believe that artists will always have significant roles to play not only in local community development but also in empowering the whole state towards global competitiveness. Artists have the skills and vision that help to release the potentials of the people of Ohio and the OAC wants to be the one to unlock that potentials.

Government grants for Ohio can be obtained by going to their website dedicated to serving the needs of artists in Ohio. Their website provides a guide to their grant application procedure. Going through this guide will help you through the application process and give you the highest chances of being awarded the grant most appropriate for your needs. OAC wants to emphasize the need to read and understand completely their guidelines to ensure that your grant application is not rejected. Their OnLine Grant Application system (OLGA) will give you the specifics of the application process.

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