Grants for LPG Conversions

We have all been used to buying gasoline or diesel as fuel for our cars. These petroleum products have always been available to us ever since they became commonplace and we can see refilling stations everywhere we go. There is no denying however, that burning these fuels contribute a great deal to our pollution problems and this has been evident all throughout the world. There is a need to use alternative fuels in order to stop further the degradation of our environment. Liquefied petroleum gas or LPG, while being fossil fuel just like gasoline or diesel, is a clean burning fuel that can be used extensively both by private or public transport. You can take advantage of government grants for LPG conversions for your vehicles in order to save on fuel costs and save the environment as well.

Clean Fuels – this is a government grant administered by the Department of Transportation (DOT) through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). The objective of this grant is to provide funds for the purchase of clean fuel vehicles and other related infrastructure for local and state agencies engaged in the management of public transportation. Clean fuel car or vehicle is defined as passenger transport that is used as public transportation using power provided by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas, batteries, biodiesel fuels, hybrid electric systems, alcohol-based fuels, fuel cells or other zero or low emission fuel systems. The average fund dispensed through this grant is $1,112,000 and range of grant fund is from $160,000 to $5,250,000. You can visit the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) website or contact the FTA Region office for your state for more information. Application for this grant can be made online. You can access a user’s guide which will show you the step by step application procedure through their website.

The movement towards energy efficiency, search for renewable energy sources, and green living is fast gaining adherents all over the world. For government is putting its best efforts in spearheading initiatives to solve the energy crisis and global warming and government grants for LPG conversion is a positive step towards that end. It gives a powerful incentive to state and local government to use clean fuels to power their public transportation, which will benefit not only their local communities but eventually the entire country as well. These grants will help cities meet or maintain the National Ambient Air Quality Standards and thus, help in keeping the air we breathe in our congested cities clean and fit for human consumption.

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