Grants for Immigrants

Immigrants from all over the world come into our country hoping to have a better life than what they had in their home country. While this dream may come true for a many of them, it is not a guaranteed result. It still takes a lot of perseverance and hard work to succeed. Many of them need assistance especially during their first year or so upon arriving. Those who are qualified can apply for government grants for immigrants and receive financial help so they can start a business, study in a college or university or live a decent dwelling. Grants may be awarded to them depending on their citizenship status and there may be some restrictions that could disqualify them from being awarded a grant.

Students who are legal immigrants can apply for school grants and they can use the funds to pay their tuition and other related expenses. These grants are not like loans or scholarships. Loans need to be paid back and scholarships are granted on the basis of excellence in academic pursuits. Grants are basically free money given to those who need financial assistance and as long as the funds are spent according to the terms of the grant, it need not be repaid. If you have legal status as an immigrant, you can apply for a school grant. Your best option is to find specific government grants for immigrants that entitle you to be awarded a school grant. Students who qualify for such grants must always have updated paperwork and must be able to provide necessary backup documentation.

One example of a government grant for students is the Pell Grants. As a legal immigrant you may be qualified to receive it depending on certain requirements that you must fulfill. You must be able to show that you are in need of financial aid as well as have an educational plan. You may also check with your state’s law that covers government grants for immigrants because each state would have its own law that may differ from another state. Your state may have particular programs for student legal immigrants. You can apply for and receive financial assistance through these programs or they can help you find sources of funds for your college education.

You can also try private scholarships that do not require you to have a US social security number to qualify. Many of these private scholarships receive funding from special interest groups. One example is the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Scholarship Foundation. The college or university itself that you are attending may also offer scholarships or grants. You can go to their student counseling office and find out if they are offering such scholarships or grants for immigrants like you.

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