Grants for HGV Training

Driving trucks or lorries as they are known in the UK can be a good source of income. But not everybody can drive those huge transport vehicles as you need to get a special license to be allowed to drive one. In the US, that license is called a CDL or commercial driver’s license and in the United Kingdom it is called HGV or heavy goods vehicle license. It is possible to get government grants for HGV training in the UK if you know where to look for them.

HGV drivers need two kinds of licenses in order to operate a vehicle designated as heavy goods vehicle. The first is category C or class 2 license which allows license holders to drive “rigid bodied vehicles”, which are smaller trucks and easier to drive. The other type of license is the category C & E which allows license holders to operate Class 1 articulated trucks which are usually larger than those trucks that category C license allows. The truck’s cab is usually built separate from the trailer and is generally considered more complicated to operate. Drivers who hold this type of license are always in demand and can expect to earn more than those with lesser type of HGV driver’s license.

You may be qualified to receive government grants for HGV training and license. You can get in touch with your local government representatives to find out where you can obtain such grants to finance your enrollment in an HGV training course. It is possible to secure both the C & E (class 1) license at the same time with C (class 2) license if you don’t have this one yet.

The minimum age for obtaining both categories (C and C&E) is 18. It used to be 21 and it was lowered to attract more young people to into the hauling industry. Recent developments however has made obtaining and maintaining your HGV licenses more difficult but made the industry safer for all drivers. To drive HGB professionally you would need to have the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). This applies to both category C and category C & E license. Driver CPC has been made part of the requirements for HGV in order to improve safety on the roads, enhance driver skills and knowledge, and make sure that new HGV drivers possess the required skills and knowledge as professional HGV drivers. Going through all these training to obtain your appropriate HGV license is worth it because in the end, you know you are competent and can drive HGV’s with confidence.

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