Grants for Dyslexic Children

There are many types of learning disorders and any one of them can greatly affect a person’s ability to perform regular activities that other people without these disabilities can do. Dyslexia causes impairment in one’s reading ability and even for one with normal intelligence this can result to lower reading levels. This learning disorder affects people in different ways but the most typical characteristics involve difficulties in spelling and phonological processing. It can be inherited or in adults, can be a result of dementia or brain injury.

Treatment, especially for children is focused on particular learning problems and the most common procedure is to adapt the educational environment and teaching methods to their specific needs. For this reason, if you have a child with dyslexia, you start early in finding ways to have your child treated. And if you are having financial hardships, you can look for government grants for dyslexic children to help you pay for your child’s education. While these may be few and you can only find grants under general disabilities, you can also look for other private institutions for such grants.

Council for Learning Disabilities – this international organization is involved in providing hope for students with learning disabilities by enhancing their education and their quality of life. It is composed of professionals from a wide range of disciplines who contribute to the welfare of those with learning disabilities like dyslexia. Their grants for dyslexic children can reach up to $2,000. You can get more information from their headquarters here:

11184 Antioch Road, Box 405
Overland Park, KS 66210-2420
Telephone: (913) 491-1011

The Oak Foundation USA – this foundation gives grants to non-profit organizations around the world that are concerned with serving the needs of dyslexic children. They support research that can contribute to the development of strategies that will alleviate the struggles that dyslexic children go through in school. The grant amount can reach up to $400,000. If you are part of an organization that needs money for research on topics about dyslexia in children, you can contact them here:

511 Congress St.., Ste. 800
Portland, ME 04101-3478

It’s not easy to live with dyslexia but it’s possible to live a relatively normal life if there are people supporting your efforts. Government grants for dyslexic children may be hard to come by but there are other private organizations willing to help and accompany you in your struggles. Dyslexia in children can be conquered and you can make it possible.

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