Grants for Cities

Most online sources on government grants will say that the government is giving away “free money” and they meant it the way they will mean to say “free beer”. The truth however is that grant money is not free, as in free beer because you do have your obligations to fulfill once your application for a particular grant is approved and the funds are transferred to you. You have got to fulfill your end of the agreement, and if you don’t, you’ll be in a lot of trouble. Government grants for cities are given not to individuals for individual profits but to states and institutions who can do the greatest good for all.

Securing the Cities (STC) – This grant is administered by the Department of Homeland Security under the authorization of Homeland Security Act of 2002. STC was established to check and prevent possible radiological/nuclear attack on urban areas considered to be high risk. This is done through the enhancement of the particular city’s capability to identify and stop illicit radioactive materials within its boundaries. The grant money can be spent to leverage existing technologies for detecting radioactivity and deploy them in the region. The funds can also be applied to design, acquire and implement the required infrastructure for detection in the whole state as well as local jurisdictions. Eligible beneficiaries of this grant are federal, state and local governments, private or public organizations, and recognized Indian tribes. More information can be obtained from the grant’s headquarters located at:

245 Murray Lane
Building 410 Mail stop 7100
Washington, District of Columbia 20528
Telephone: (202) 254-7412.

Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for Advance Planning – This grant is administered by the Department of Defense. It provides financial assistance to states and communities so they can create economic plans to carry out necessary economic adjustment in order to reduce their dependence on Defense expenditures. Plans to be made include SWOT analysis (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) of factors that affect the area’s economy. Average funds given so far amount to $200,000. You can obtain more important information from the grant’s headquarters:

Office of Economic Adjustment
Department of Defense
400 Army Navy Drive, Suite 200
Arlington, VA 22202-4704
Telephone: (703) 604-6020

Government grants for cities are good for all their residents as everyone will gain something from the economic and security benefits they provide. The grants listed here are valuable resources for cities looking for ways to finance their much needed projects that will improve the lives of all their citizens.

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