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Today’s multi-billion dollar aviation industry had very humble beginnings in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Airplane travel was considered very dangerous, and with reason, as there were too much incidence of crashes and other types of accidents involving airplanes. The First World War contributed much to the early development of the aviation history but all government funding for aviation research and development stopped after the war. More developments came later especially when the US Postal Service started using planes as part of the mail transport system. Many laws were then passed afterwards that benefited civil aviation and thus we have our modern aviation industry. Part of these developments were due to government grants for aviation which were used to fund research on technology, security and other innovations that we now consider as ordinary parts of our lives.

Advanced Surveillance Program (ASP) – This program is under the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (TSA) of 2001. It has been established to help develop the capability of our airports in terms of security and surveillance. It involves enabling security officers access to both real time and recorded views of vital events in the airport. ASP is meant to enhance airport security in all aspects of airport operations especially in monitoring, detecting and assessing all kinds of threats to passengers and airport facilities. The funds are to be used in purchasing and installing of explosive and threat detection systems in airport facilities. Airports are to be selected based on risk factors as evaluated by TSA using a prioritization matrix. More information can be obtained here:

601 South 12th Street
Arlington, Virginia 20598-6016
Telephone: (571) 227-1165

TSA Airport Checked Baggage Inspection System Program – This program is under the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (TSA) of 2001. The funds to be provided under this program is to be used for modifying or reconfiguring airport facilities and their baggage handling systems which need to be done before installing explosive detection system equipment in screening checked baggage. The grant amount varies according to airport category and actual allocated amount is depended on congressional legislation. You can get more information here:

601 South 12th Street
Arlington, Virginia 20598-6016
Telephone: (571) 227-3650

As a nation, we are very dependent on our airports to move around the country. We use them to transport people and goods to their destinations efficiently and quickly. But just as important is how we keep them safe and in the light of unfortunate events involving airports, we need to be conscious of our roles in securing them, making sure that they are safe and no untoward incidents are allowed to happen. Government grants for aviation help us to make sure that they stay safe and we as travelers pass through them and arrive at our destinations safe and secure as well.

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