Grants for Aquaculture

There are many funding opportunities available for those who need financial assistance for their aquaculture projects. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration is in charge of several government grants for aquaculture aimed at giving financial assistance to projects concerned with developing sustainable aquaculture in the country. Grants are available for conducting research, development of technology, and viable commercial exploration and development of the industry.

The National Marine Aquaculture Initiative – this grant is for encouraging research that helps in the development of sustainable aquaculture in the whole country. It is geared towards the promotion of partnerships among research institutions, state governments, commercial companies, universities and coastal communities. There are actually two component grants under this initiative, namely: Aquaculture Extension and Technology Transfer, and Aquaculture Research. Both programs combined are meant to address a wide range of aquaculture issues such as environmental monitoring, shellfish farming, new species research, and other aquaculture policies and regulation concerns. More than $10 million have been allocated for both programs.

Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program – this National Marine Fisheries Service administered program has been established to finance research and projects that will benefit the country’s aquaculture industry. Financial assistance is given to help develop infrastructure projects or business start-ups involving aquaculture or the fishing industry.

Small Business Innovation Research Program – this program is provided through the US Small Business Administration. It is given in support of creative research in both engineering and scientific concerns. Research areas include aquaculture. The funds can be spent on research topics that can result to breakthroughs, innovations and state of the art processes and products that can be applied to expand and enhance stocks of high value marine products in the whole country.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOOA) Fisheries Finance Program – this program, while technically not a grant, provides direct loans to be used as capital for the construction of aquaculture facilities including fishing vessels, and other infrastructures. You can get in touch with the following office for more information:

Financial Services Division (F/MB5)
National Marine Fisheries Service
1315 East West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 713-2390

You can learn more about available government grants for aquaculture by conducting an online search. The best sources for grants are government agencies in charge of providing financial assistance both as loans or grants to individuals, for-profit or non-profit organizations, associations that are engaged in scientific or technology research that will benefit the aquaculture industry. If you don’t find enough government sources, you can search for private institutions that provide such grants. You just need to be wary of those posing as legitimate grant sources or websites that present themselves as guides but are actually fronts for scams that will cost you money instead of providing you with needed financial assistance.

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