Grants for American Indians

Finding grants for American Indians is easy since there are many government agencies and private associations willing to provide financial assistance to Native Americans. Many of these grants come in the form of scholarships but you can also find grants for other purposes such as health care, housing, and business ventures. You will need to prove your ethnic origin by getting a Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) and also prove that you belong to a tribe that is recognized by the federal government.

Indian Economic Development

This program is administered through the Bureau of Indian Affairs under the Department of the Interior. The purpose of this program is to provide federally recognized Indian tribes with development program funds that can help them create a sustainable economic system in cooperation with local government and private and public business investors. Average grant funds available to eligible Indian tribes is $215,000 with a ceiling of $300,000. You can get more information about the program’s application procedure, restrictions and audit provisions here:

Policy and Economic Development
Office of the Assistant Secretary
Indian Affairs, 1849 C Street, N.W., MS-4071 MIB
Washington, District of Columbia 20240
Telephone: (202) 219-0005
Website: or

American Indian Education Foundation (AIEF)

This foundation helps support American Indian students who are currently pursuing post-secondary education in tribal or non-tribal schools. They also help out those who are intent of finishing their educational goals and possess the ability to contribute their personal best in order to create positive change in their tribes or communities. Each year the AIEF provide financial assistance to about 225 students amounting to almost $450,000. What makes this foundation different is their one-on-one mentoring program that helps Native American students cope with academic challenges and culture shock, tutoring and other types of necessary assistance and not just educational funding.

Services for Native Americans

The programs included in these services are funded by the Department of Health and Human Services through the Administration on Aging. Its initial purpose when it was established in 1978 was to provide nutrition and support services to Native Americans; it was expanded to include caregiver support in 2000. Eligible federally recognized tribes – Native Americans, Native Hawaiian and Alaskan Natives – can apply to receive home- and community-based support services that include nutrition and caregiving services for family members. The programs are designed to reduce expensive medical interventions and institutional care of recipients. Services include transportation, disease prevention, meal delivery, health promotion and other services necessary to address their needs.

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