Grants for City Parks and Recreational Areas

Cities all over the country are now being progressive in its development in terms of economy, sports, culture and so on. However, these cities still maintain recreational areas for the families such as parks, playing spaces for kids, and practice for sports. In order to enhance these spaces, the federal government through its various agencies are offering grants for city parks and recreational those are awarded to city, state, local, counties and their governments. The assistance can be used to conserve as well as acquire lands in developing recreational areas and parks.

Rivers and Trails Conservation

The Rivers and Trails Conservation is a project of the National Park Service and Groundwork USA in providing needed funds in the preservation of recreational rivers and trails all over the U.S. It is the Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance or the RTCA that assists the communities in the preservation of parks and recreational spaces. However, the RTCA is not awarding monetary grants. It is the National Park Service with the cooperation from Groundwork USA which is providing more than $400,000 as community grants. For more details about the Rivers and Trails Conservation program, call (202) 354 – 6900 or visit

National Park Service
Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program
1849 St., NW
Washington, D.C. 20005

Federal Surplus for Parks, Recreation and Historic Monuments

The National Park Service is operating land grants in which the agency is transferring land owned by the federal government to the communities which they in turn can use for the park and recreational spaces as well as preserving the historical landmarks of the country. The grant will permit that state and the local government to receive federally owned land so that they can create recreational areas and parks for the public to use. However, if the land that is granted to the community is no longer utilized as a recreational area or park; it must be returned to the federal government. Cities, counties and local government are the only ones eligible to apply for this grant. For more details about the Rivers and Trails Conservation program, call (202) 354 – 6900 or visit

National Park Service
Federal Lands to Parks Program
1849 C Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20005

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