National School Lunch Program Grants

What is the aim of the National School Lunch Program Grants?

To assist States, through cash grants and food donations, in making the school lunch program available to school children and to encourage the domestic consumption of nutritious agricultural commodities.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the National School Lunch Program Grants?

State and U.S. Territory agencies (except territories subject to the Compact of Free Association), public and nonprofit private schools of high school grade and under; public and nonprofit private residential child care institutions, except Job Corps Centers, residential summer camps that participate in the Summer Food Service Program for children and private foster homes. Schools and residential child care institutions desiring to participate must agree to operate a nonprofit food service that is available to all children regardless of race, sex, color, National origin, age, or disability.

American Recovery Act and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Public Law 111-5 funds are available for certain equipment purchases. Those wishing to access these funds may do so under program 10.579, Child Nutrition Discretionary Grants.

How to Apply for the National School Lunch Program Grants?

Public schools in all States make application to the State educational agency unless the State applies and is approved for a waiver to designate an alternate agency. Appropriate forms may be obtained from this agency. Nonprofit private schools should also apply to the State educational agency in most States.

In some States, however, the State educational agency is prohibited by statute from disbursing Federal funds to nonprofit private schools. In such instances, the application should be submitted to the alternate State agency or the appropriate Food and Nutrition Service regional office.

How much is the National School Lunch Program Grants?

State grants vary according to participation in the program. For school year 2010-2011, reimbursement for meals range from 6.0 cents for “paid” snacks to 466.00 cents for free lunches in Alaskan school districts serving more than 60 percent free and reduced price lunches.

Where to Apply for National School Lunch Program Grants?

Cynthia Long, Food and Nutrition Service, 3101 Park Center Drive Room 640, Alexandria, Virginia 22302
Phone: (703) 305-2590
Web Site Address:

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