A.D. Henderson Foundation

What is A.D. Henderson Foundation Grant?

A.D. and Lucy E. Henderson founded the A.D. Henderson Foundation in 1959 making Fort Lauderdale, Florida their home base. The Hendersons dedicates themselves in improving children’s lives through education and they also seek to meet the ever changing needs of society. With the help of the foundation they keep striving to improve the social, economic and physical welfare of the community. The A.D. Henderson Foundation trustees dedicate themselves in carrying out the Foundation’s goals within the framework set by its founders.

Who are eligible for A.D. Henderson Foundation Grant?

The Foundation wants to encourage teamwork between organizations and between the public and private sector. The Foundation would prefer applications that will leverage other in-kind and financial resources. It is imperative that you have accomplished your research to recognize other sources of funding that can participate in this project. They review the status of supplementary fund-raising requests for this program. Once a Grant Agreement is entered into your program the Foundation will expect that there is no dilution in the services the grant seeker has put in his proposal and was approved for. The Foundation shall consider specific programs for funding in just 1 to 3 years. The Foundation is searching for organization that has sound financial footing and will be required to submit their accounting practices and tax reports.

How to apply for A.D. Henderson Foundation Grant?

The Applicant must first contact a Director of the Foundation Program and discuss the project idea before submitting a formal application. If the project idea matches with the funding priorities of the Foundation the applicant will then be asked to submit their Application.

The application should not be more than 3 pages containing the Proposal, the project budget and a status letter from the IRS stating that they are tax exempt (not more than 5 years from its issue) and other documents.

For more information on A.D. Henderson Foundation, contact:

Florida Office
Program Director Katherine Danio

Vermont Office
Program Director Edward A. Gale
(802) 888-1188

Henderson Foundation Office
Senior Administrator Karen Pfeiffer
The A.D. Henderson Foundation
P.O. Box 14096
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33302-4096
(954) 764-2819

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