PETCO Foundation’s Grants for Dog Parks

There are several dog parks all over the country. These kinds of parks are intended to give a place for recreational activities for both dogs and the owners. In order to maintain these parks there are grants for dog parks. Aside from that, grants can be used to create one, restore or even make some improvements in the facilities and trail. The federal government, through its city and local government units are one of the institutions that awards grants to dog parks. Grants are intended solely for the benefits of the dog parks. Examples of those who give grants are the counties in Chicago. There are also private entities providing the assistance. One of them is the PETCO Foundation.

PETCO Foundation

The PETCO Foundation is one group that works for the sake of the animal rights and welfare. Aside from that, they also offers grants that are intended for the benefits of the animals and its owners such as dog parks’ construction, renovation, enhancement and so on. The following are the grants sponsored and funded by the foundation:

  • Capital Grant – this grant program is intended to give bigger funding for the buildings, the equipment and construction expenses. This program funds creation of new buildings, repair of existing building, equipment use, vehicle use and related things.
  • Product Support – this grant program is intended to give out products donated from the PETCO Foundation. The said products can be employed in the general operations, goodie bags in special events, feeding programs, relief for disaster, auction that is silent and transport or adoptions.
  • “We Are Family, Too” – is another program that gives short-term as well as seed funding for the welfare of the animal rights groups that will assist pet owners who lost their homes or those experiencing temporary financial problems.
  • 4 Rs Project Support – this program is intended to give fund for the projects that are supported by the PETCO Foundation. The 4Rs include Reduce, Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rejoice.

Interested applicants must become a member of the PETCO foundation first before they can apply online to the said grant programs above. Logging on is required for the application. For the full details of the programs and grants stated above, go directly to this website: Apply online in their website. For further questions, comments and inquiries, call the foundation at (858) 909 – 2618.

PETCO Foundation
7262 North Rosemead Boulevard.
San Gabriel, CA 91775

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