Grants for Domestic Violence Programs

Domestic violence is known to be a social crisis. This problem spans all religious, cultural, socioeconomic as well as ethnic backgrounds. This problem also poses threat to the victims and their families in terms of safety and security all over the United States. in fact, statistics for domestic violence are shocking. Averages of three women are dying because of domestic violence in the US alone. This staggering figure prompts many groups, the government and institutions to act and do programs that will reduce and eventually stop the violence. Fortunately, there are grants for domestic violence programs that will enhance the programs and its implementation.

Moving Ahead Economic Empowerment Grant Program

The Moving Ahead Economic Empowerment for Survivors Grant Program is administered by the Allstate Foundation and is intended to provide funding to coalitions working against domestic violence as well as to local programs that will develop or improve projects that will give aid and help to the survivors of this violence in overcoming the economic challenges in order for them to attain financial freedom and independence. This competitive grant program is made with the cooperation of the National Network to End Domestic Violence or the NNEDV. Through this program, recipients can have the proper financial education by using the Allstate’s Moving Ahead Through Money Management Curriculum. The program will also make the victims and survivors to become ready in job hunting and being on the job by being trained properly. Microloans as well as micro-enterprise are part of the program. Applicants can visit the websites of the said state coalition for more details of the grants and its application. Application can be done online and must be submitted from March 14 to July 29, 2011. For more inquires send an e-mail to the foundation at Go to for online application. Applicants must register first in the said page to access the application.

Anti–Violence and Safety

The Anti-Violence and Safety is one of the focus areas of the New York Women’s Foundation or NYWF. The foundation is providing funds to non-profit organizations as well as to programs in the five boroughs of New York City. This particular program is aimed to assist organizations and programs working for the eradication of gender–based violence as well as creation safe communities. The foundation usually offers cash grants ranging from $50,000 up to $70,000. There are two deadlines every year, one in spring and one in fall. Check out their website ( for the deadline details. Application must be accomplished online by logging in. For more inquires about the grants, contact NYWF at (212) 261 – 4586 or by email at

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