Grants for Divorced Women

Women undergoing divorce typically goes through emotionally traumatic experience. This is because divorce will affect them in many ways, not just emotionally. Her finances will also be affected. Most of the time, when they divorced, the mother gets the custody of their child. Supporting them would be a challenge. There are limited grant opportunities for divorced women; typically, the grants for divorced women are offered by private organizations that will empower them through education so that they can become competitive as they find a new life. Federal grants are generally focused for women as well as single parents that divorced women can also apply.

Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

The Women’s Independence Scholarship Program or the WISP is aimed to assist divorced women who are survivor of abuse in terms of obtaining education again. The program is sponsored by the Sunshine Lady Foundation. For the foundation, education is a very powerful tool that will enable to get more opportunities. Support can be available for part time as well as full time students who are interested in attending the accredited programs at any educational institutions such as the Community colleges supported by the State, Technical and vocational schools, Colleges and universities supported by the State, private universities and colleges and schools that are proprietary. The application for the WISP is ongoing as of now. All application forms and documents must be submitted by mail. For the full details and information, go directly to this webpage: For any inquiries call the program at (910) 397 – 7742 or send an email to

4900 Randall Parkway
Suite H
Wilmington, NC 28403

Federal Pell Grants

The federal government also supports single mothers who want to go back to college and pursue the career they want. This is the federal Pell grant. This grant program by the federal government is offered not only to single parents, but also to those individuals who wants to pursue career by going to college. Application to the Pell grant can be completed by registering to the Free Application to Federal Student Aid or the FAFSA in their website at Also they can apply at

There are also scholarship grants offered by some of the colleges and universities in the US that specifically made available to women (minority, divorced, students and so on). Examples of these educational institutions are the Spelman College and Agnes Scott College through their Goizueta Foundation Scholarship. Application must be made to the said colleges.

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