Grants for Utilities

The whole world is dependent on existing utilities to continue functioning normally. We use electricity, water, and transportation to do everything in the modern world, whether in at home, in the office or wherever we spend some time together with others. But this dependence has also left us vulnerable to their inherent limitations and so we need to look for other sources of energy. For this reason, there are federal grants for utilities that encourage the development of renewable energy resources to replace the oil, coal and natural gas we have been using. There are grants too that benefits our community water system, waste disposal and until very recently, broadband access.

  • State Public Water System Supervision – this grant is available to states and tribes to make sure that their existing water system is in compliance with the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations. The public must be assured that their drinking water passes health standards for drinking water through their community water system. The funds are to be used for the development and implementation of a supervision program for their community water system. The Safe Drinking Water Act must be enforced through this program. The amount of the grant ranges from $125,000 to $6,599,000 per fiscal year. You can contact the following office for more information:

    Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water (4606M)
    Office of Water
    Environmental Protection Agency
    Washington, District of Columbia 20460
    Phone: (202) 564-4588.

  • Rural Development Utilities Programs Community Connect Grant Program – This is meant to ensure that residents of rural communities eligible for the program are provided with access to broadband service the same way that the rest of the country is receiving reliable and quality broadband services. The funds will be spent for constructing, improving and acquiring broadband service equipment and facilities that will provide free broadband access for at least 2 years to residents of rural areas. Eligible to apply for this type of federal grants for utilities are non-profit or for-profit corporations, cooperatives, federally recognized Indian tribe and state or local government. Grant amount is up to $1 million. For more information, you can contact the following office:

    Long Chen Electronics Engineer
    Phone 202-720-7276
    E-mail address:

  • Technical Assistance and Training Grant Program – this grant program is meant to provide assistance to communities through free training or technical assistance with their water or wastewater systems. Funds are to be used for identifying and evaluating solutions to problems concerning water and waste disposal. It is also aimed at assisting eligible applicants in improving the operation and maintenance of their current water and waste disposal facilities. Total amount of funding available is $17 million. Eligible applicants are private non-profit organizations such as cooperatives, corporations, or associations with education, scientific, charitable or public service interests. You can access more information about the grant here:

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