Grants for Obesity

Obesity has long been recognized as a growing issue in American society that deserves attention. It is considered as a health problem with significant social and economic repercussions. Thus, solving this problem necessarily involves not only the public itself but also federal, state and local agencies concerned. Federal grants for obesity are needed in order to match the efforts being contributed by private institutions, schools, and the medical profession. It is important that we promote among children and young adults an interest in living a healthy lifestyle and behaviors so we begin early the fight against obesity.

State governments are seeing the high cost of health maintenance because of rising obesity related illnesses. Because of this, state authorities are developing strategies and initiatives to promote health awareness through different anti-obesity programs funded by federal grants for obesity.

  • Obesity Policy Research: Evaluation and Measures – this grant is part of government initiatives to support research that will provide solutions for the prevention or treatment of obesity in both children and adults. Budget is limited to $275,000 spread over a 2-year period. The primary goal of this grant is to enhance public awareness about the diet and physical activities of the people and their implications on the people’s health in general and on their weight in particular.
  • Research on the Economics of Diet, Activity and Energy Balance – this research grant is provided to support research about the relationship between physical activity, diet and body composition. This is for researchers who are familiar with health services and health economics. It is aimed at promoting collaborative efforts among researchers with background in economics and researchers who are experts in public health and obesity, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other diseases.
  • Childhood Obesity Prevention and Treatment Research – this research grant is a call for eligible applicants to conduct trials that will test the effectiveness of interventions related to childhood obesity. Interventions involve prevention of excessive weight gain and/or reduction of weight in obese youth. The program aims to promote positive and cooperative interaction among those involved in health programs against obesity. The program’s ultimate goal however is to improve the health of children through the prevention of obesity and obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The grant is expected to be awarded to four research centers with each one receiving $700,000 in the first year and increasing in value throughout the 7-year grant period. You can get more information from their website at: http://www/funding/inits/faq-hl-10-004andhl-10-005.htm

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