Grants for Cities

It is important for all residents of a city to feel secure and safe whenever and wherever they congregate together with others, or especially in their own homes. Knowing that they are well protected and that there are trained personnel who will respond to their needs to defend them and pursue aggressors and perpetrators will go a long way to keep them happy and continue to be productive for the benefit of the whole community itself. Knowing too that there are enough specialized facilities where they can go to for their specific needs can contribute to their continued well-being, and thus make them outstanding citizens of the community. The federal government, being concerned with the security and safety of all citizens, provides several federal grants for cities so that state and local governments can take the initiative to develop systems that will build the citizens’ confidence on their government.

Urban Areas Security Initiative – This is part of the federal grants for cities that is administered by the Department of Homeland Security. This initiative was established to help support specific security planning and operations needs in urban areas identified as having high security threats. The grant is also meant to assist urban areas in developing and maintaining capabilities designed to prevent threats to human life or acts of terrorism, protect them from the same, and respond accordingly. The request for funding their related projects must be based on the Program and Capability Enhancement Plan of their State and their Urban Area Homeland Security Strategy. More information can be obtained here:

Department of Homeland Security/Techworld
Control Desk, 4th Floor, Room 427 500 C. St., SW
Washington, District of Columbia 20472
Telephone: (1-800) 368-6498

Grants for Public Works and Economic Development Facilities – This grant is under the Department of Commerce and administered through the Economic Development Administration. It is being offered to cities in order to support infrastructure projects designed to attract or retain private sector investments and capital. Such projects may include construction or rehabilitation of industrial and business parks, water and sewer systems, port facilities, skills training facilities and other similar projects that are located in the area and will benefit the community. Average grant funds allocated in the past was $1.32 million although future awards may be more than this. You can get more information about this grant from here:

1401 Constitution Avenue, NW
Room 7019
Washington, District of Columbia 20230
Email Address:
Telephone: (202) 482-2785

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