Federal Government Grants for Disabled Veterans

In giving the right support and assistance to the disabled veterans, the federal government offers several federal grants for disabled veterans in terms of adaptive equipments and pensions. The grants are usually administered by the US Department of Veterans Affairs under the Veterans Benefits Administration.

Automobiles and Adaptive Equipment for Certain Disabled Veterans and Members of the Armed Forces

This program aims to give financial support to some disabled veterans and servicepersons that recipients can use in purchasing an automobile or other conveyance. Another financial assistance will be used for adaptive equipment that is deemed needed in order to insure that the eligible individuals can operate or able to use the automobile or other conveyance. In general, this program provides adaptive equipment to disabled veterans. The financial assistance will be paid directly to the intended equipments. Eligible persons in this program are the veterans having honorable service as well as servicepersons that are active in their duty and their disability are service-connected. Disability should be physical or mobility. For the adaptive equipment, veterans and servicepersons with ankylosis that is acquired while in service are eligible for it. Interested applicants should get the VA Form 21-4502. This application form can be acquired to any VA Office or the Regional Office. The form must be submitted to the Regional Office as well. Also, the application form can be downloaded on-line by visiting http://www.va.gov/vaforms/.

Pension for Non-Service-Connected Disability for Veterans

This program is intended to give assistance to wartime veterans. They must be in need and have disabilities that are non-service connected. The disabilities should be permanent and is preventing them totally from acquiring occupation or a living. Eligible applicants are veterans who served honourably for 90 days in terms of war-time service in the Armed Forces. Also, veterans who did war time services for less than 90 days and then discharged from the service are still eligible provided that the reasons for his discharge is a service-connected disability. For further details about this grant program, visit va.gov. Application needs downloading the VA Form 21-526. This form can also be acquired in the local or office or the regional VA Office. Submission is done in the Regional VA Office as well. In this program, it is also possible for applying veterans to make the application process online at www.va.gov.

For inquiries about all the VA programs, you can call them through phone at (202) 461 – 9700.

Department of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Avenue,
N.W., Washington, DC 20420

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