Long-term Surveillance And Maintenance Grants

What is the aim of the Long-term Surveillance And Maintenance Grants?

The objectives of the Office of Legacy Management are to manage the Department’s post-closure responsibilities and ensure the future protection of human health and the environment. This Office has control and custody for legacy lands, structures, and facilities and is responsible for maintaining them at levels suitable for their long-term use. This Office also provides environmental assistance to enable communities around DOE sites to address environmental issues.

How to Apply for the Long-term Surveillance And Maintenance Grants?

After informal communication with DOE Headquarters Office, a formal proposal by the organization interested in doing the work must be submitted through an appropriate official of the corporate entity, organization or institution.

A Standard Form 424, Application for Federal Assistance, Standard Form 424A, Budget Information for Non-Construction Programs, Standard Form 424B, Assurances for Non-Construction Programs, and a written proposal should be submitted to the project office and include: a title, objectives, time frame, and a budget breakdown.

How much is the Range and Average of Long-term Surveillance And Maintenance Grants?

$10,000 to $4,000,000.

Where to Apply for the Long-term Surveillance And Maintenance Grants?

Regional or Local Office
Deborah J. Boggs, Business Management Specialist, Office of Legacy Management, 3600 Collins Ferry Road, Morgantown, WV 26505, (304) 285-4473.

Headquarters Office
Ingrid B. Colbert, 1000 Inependence Aven., S.W., Washington, District of Columbia 20585
Phone: (202) 856-1431
Email: Ingrid.Colbert@hq.doe.gov
Web Site Address: http://www.lm.doe.gov

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