Grants for Biodiesel

To the nations which import much of oil reserve, an alternative fuel source is essential. The traditional way of producing fuel does not jibe with times. Economic and environmental issues are prime issues most governments must tackle. This why grants for biodiesel awarded and research institutes are generated.

Biodiesel is a fuel made from plant and animal fat which chemically reacts with alcohol. The biodiesel can be used alone or can be mixed with petro-diesel. It is biodegradable, renewable and emission-free.

Biodiesel grants are offered by the US government and private organizations.

USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)

Through its agencies, offers a grant for biodiesel research. Its aims are ‘ to stimulate consumption of biodiesel, develop infrastructure, technology transfer, fuel quality, and increase production of feedstock production in US.

The applicant must be from a non-profit organization and institute of higher education. You need to register at Central Contractor Registry. You are required to get a DUNS number (Data Universal number system), to ‘ track of grant money distributed’.

USDA NIFA National Program Leader
Plant and Animal Systems (PAS)
1400 Independence Ave., SW Stop 2220, Washington DC 20024
(202)401-5877/401-64430 or 41; FAX (202) 4015179

National Institute of Food and Agriculture


NCAT (National Center for Appropriate Technology)

Assists through grants for biodiesel, on small-scale, research and production. The organization gives expertise and grant amounting to $ 3,000 for community and farmer who raise crops for biodiesel production.

Headquarter : NCAT 3040 Continental Drive, Butte MT 5971
Other address : PO Box 3838 BUTTE MT 59702
Phone : 406-494-4572;800 ASK NCAT

Write your proposal to the agencies and organization or foundation. Know their respective requirements and fill-up forms they give to applicants. Include in your proposal the projection of the program in the 1st three years and its budget for the 1st three years. The component of the research must also be included. Make your proposal brief, comprehensive, and neat.

In the realm of alternative eco-friendly lifestyle, biodiesel is at the centre of it. Be a part of a new earth.

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