Grants for Air Source Heat Pumps UK

Using an air source heat pump is an energy efficient way to cool and heat your home. This is because it can provide up to three times more heat or cool air to your home than the energy it takes to work. An air source heat pump doesn’t convert fuel to heat or cold; only for moving the air throughout the system. Experts on air source heat pumps say that they can be used in practically all over the United Kingdom although they don’t recommend using them for an extended period especially in areas where temperatures are sub-freezing, where it they may not be cost-effective at all. But in areas where they can be used throughout the year, they are perfect and you can even get grants for air source heat pumps UK to help you install them.

Renewable Heat Incentive Grants UK

The UK has initiated an incentive program called the Renewable Heat Incentive which will reduce the country’s dependence on non-renewable energy source and turn to using renewable energy to around 12% to meet of the country’s heating needs by the year 2020. The government is backing up this move towards using technologies such as sustainable biogas, bioliquids and biomethane, ground source and air source heat pumps, and biomass stoves and boilers. This government program, while still in the continuing design phase, will help provide financial incentives to make energy conservation and producing heat through renewable resources a worthwhile project for its citizens. It will pay citizens for initiating projects that will use renewable sources for heating their homes using air source heat pumps for example. Users will not only be saving money because of the less energy they consume but they will also be paid by the government for doing so. Depending on the system of renewable source used, this payment scheme is programmed to last between 10 and 23 years and is expected to start this coming June 2011. You can’t find any better grants for air source heat pumps UK.

There are quite a number of benefits that this program offers to those who will make the efforts to use renewable technologies in generating heat for their homes. First of all, you would be reducing the cost of your energy expenses. Gas, electricity or oil cost a lot to produce heat but when you use renewable heating equipment, you not only don’t have to pay the high cost of gas, oil or electricity, you also get paid. The RHI will make it worth your while with up to ₤600. Fuel prices fluctuate and may cost more in the future. Since you will not be using gas or oil, these price fluctuations will not affect you much as it used to. Renewable heat source is environment friendly too, thus you would be making a strong statement for environmental protection.

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