Trade Adjustment Assistance-Workers Grant

What is the aim of the Trade Adjustment Assistance-Workers Grant?

To provide adjustment assistance to qualified workers adversely affected by foreign trade which will assist them to obtain suitable employment.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Trade Adjustment Assistance-Workers Grant?

In FY 2009, ETA administered two separate TAA programs – the program implemented by the Trade and Globalization Adjustment Assistance Act of 2009 (TGAAA), that went into effect for petitions filed on or after May 18, 2009 (new program), and the TAA program that was administered under the Trade Act as amended by the TAA Reform Act of 2002, which existed before May 18, 2009 (old program).

The TGAAA reauthorized TAA, expanded TAA coverage to more workers and firms, including workers and firms in the service sector; made benefits available to workers whose jobs have been off-shored to any country (as opposed to covering a more limited set of shifts in production), improved workers´┐Ż training options, and increased the affordability of health insurance coverage. The reauthorization also expanded the scope of the program to better assist adversely affected workers in finding new employment. It authorized funding for employment and case management services, and encouraged the type of long-term training necessary for jobs in the 21st century economy through an extension of income support, an increase in the cap for training funding, and access to training for adversely affected incumbent workers.

For a worker to be eligible to apply for TAA, the worker must be part of a group of workers that are the subject of a petition filed with the Department. Three workers of a company, a company official, a union or other duly authorized representative, or a One-Stop Career Center operator or One-Stop partner may file that petition with the Department. In response to the filing, the Department institutes an investigation to determine whether foreign trade was an important cause of the workers’ job loss or threat of job loss. If the Department determines that the workers meet the statutory criteria for group certification of eligibility for the workers in the group to apply for TAA, the Department grants the petition and issues a certification.

Once covered by a certification, individual workers apply for benefits and services through the One-Stop delivery system. Most benefits and services have specific individual eligibility criteria that must be met, such as previous work history, unemployment insurance eligibility, and individual skill levels.

How and Where to Apply for the Trade Adjustment Assistance-Workers Grant?

To apply for TAA under the Trade Act of 1974, as amended, a “Petition for Trade Adjustment Assistance” must be filed directly with the Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance at the address listed below and with the State official or organization designated by the Governor of the State in which the workers’ firm or subdivision is located.

OTAA and State contact information, as well as petition forms in English and Spanish, are available through the State Workforce Agencies or from the Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance listed below.

The Petition forms may also be downloaded from our web-site at: Petitions must be filed with both the OTAA and the State agency in which the worker group’s plant is located. Notice of such filing shall be promptly published in the Federal Register. Within 10 days after publication, the petitioner or any other person found by the Secretary to have a substantial interest may request a hearing and be afforded the opportunity to be present, to present evidence, and to be heard.

How much is the Range and Average of Trade Adjustment Assistance-Workers Grant?

Weekly allowance payments are the same as the amount of weekly State unemployment compensation.

For more information on the Trade Adjustment Assistance-Workers Grant, contact:

Regional or Local Office
See Regional Agency Offices. Regional offices of the Employment and Training Administration, Department of Labor listed in Appendix IV, and local offices of affiliated State Employment Security Agencies.

Headquarters Office
Terry Clark 200 Constitution Avenue NW,
Washington, District of Columbia 20210
Phone: 202-693-3707
Web Site Address:

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