Prisoner Reentry Grant

What is the aim of the Prisoner Reentry Grant?

This program includes both Prisoner Reentry Initiative (PRI) grants to serve adult returning offenders and Youthful Offender grants aimed at youth involved or at risk of involvement in crime and violence. The objectives of the PRI grants include increasing the employment rate, employment retention rate, and earnings of released prisoners, and decreasing their recidivism. The objectives of the Youthful Offender grants include preventing in-school youth from dropping out of school, increasing the employment rate of out-of-school youth, increasing the reading and math skills of youth, reducing the involvement of youth in crime and violence, and reducing the recidivism rate of youth.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Prisoner Reentry Grant?

Eligible applicants for Reintegration of Ex-Offender-Adult grants are faith-based and community organizations (FBCOs) that are located in, or have a staff presence in, the urban community being served. Eligible applicants for Youthful Offenders vary depending on the solicitation, but have included community-based organizations, school districts, and juvenile justice agencies.

How and Where to Apply for the Prisoner Reentry Grant?

Grants for projects are awarded on a competitive basis, announced in Solicitation for Grant Applications (SGAs) in the Federal Register and also on ETA’s Web site at To compete for a grant, organizations develop a proposal and budget that demonstrate how the organization will provide services to a targeted population. The SGA provides all of the necessary information for applying for Federal assistance. Please note that competitions for Reintegration of Ex-Offender – Adult and Youth Offender grants do not necessarily occur every year, depending on availability of funds and the extent to which existing grants are continuing.

How much is the Range and Average of Prisoner Reentry Grant?

The range and average of financial assistance varies. The information is published in Federal Register grant announcements.

For more information on the Prisoner Reentry Grant, contact:

Headquarters Office
Richard Morris, 200 Constitution Ave, NW, Room N-4507, Washington, District of Columbia 20210
Phone: (202) 693-3603
Fax: (202) 693-3113
Web Site Address:

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