High Growth Job Training Grants

What is the aim of the High Growth Job Training Grants?

The H-1B Job Training Grant Program funds projects that provide training and related activities to workers to assist them in gaining the skills and competencies needed to obtain or upgrade employment in high-growth industries or economic sectors.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the High Growth Job Training Grants?

Applicants may generally be public and non-profit organizations. See the Solicitation for Grant Application for specific requirements.

How and Where to Apply for the High Growth Job Training Grants?

Grants for projects are awarded on a competitive basis, announced in Solicitation for Grant Applications (SGAs) in the Federal Register and also on ETA’s Internet Web site at http://www.doleta.gov.

To compete for a grant, organizations develop a proposal and budget that demonstrate how the organization will provide services to a targeted population. The SGA provides all of the necessary information for applying for federal assistance.

How much is the Range and Average of High Growth Job Training Grants?

Past awards have generally ranged from $750,000 to $15,000,000. Please review specific Solicitations for Grant Applications for the range of awards.

For More information on the High Growth Job Training Grants, contact:

Headquarters Office
Thomas Hooper 200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Room N-4643, Washington, District of Columbia 20210
Phone: (202) 693-3949
Fax: (202) 693-3890
Email: hooper.thomas@dol.gov
Web Site Address: http://www.doleta.gov

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