Grants for Displaced Workers

Displaced workers are employees that are forced to move out from their current employment due to mass lay off, closing of the company and factors that made them to be “displaced” in their job without being fired at all. In order for them to gain the skills so that they can be competent in finding new jobs, there are education and training grants for displaced workers. These grants will help them acquire and even furnished the skills they have so that they will have the edge in attaining new job.

University of Sioux Falls Displaced Workers Grant

The University of Sioux Falls is offering the Displaced Workers Grant that will assist persons who have just been laid off and interested in pursuing further education. The grant is offering the Masters of Education in Teaching degree and the Degree Completion Program to interested persons. The grant will provide financial assistance to individuals who are displaced in their work and wishing to continue a degree program stated earlier. Up to $1,000 cash grant will be awarded and it must be used for schools expenses. For the complete details of the application, contact the following person for the degree you want: for the Master of Education Grant Application, contact Julie McAreavey through phone at (605) 331 – 6644 or by email at For the Degree Completion Program, contact LuAnn Grossman through phone at (605) 331 – 6735 or by email at Application can be completed online by going directly to this webpage: For more details about the USF, visit their website at or call the university at (605) 331 – 5000.

University of Sioux Falls
1101 W. 22nd St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Walmart Brighter Futures Project

The Walmart Brighter Futures Project is a joint program between the Walmart Foundation and the selected community colleges in the US that is spearheaded by the League for Innovation in the Community College. The project aimed to help thousands of displaced workers in getting back to work by assisting them to gain innovative skills in the form of additional education and training. Through these skills, they can have better chances to be hired by most employers. A total of eight community colleges will receive funding and interested individuals can enrolled to the said schools. For supplementary information and details on how the Brighter Futures Project can assist your community college, contact the project director as well as the League senior workforce consultant (Larry Warford) by phone at (541) 913 – 6006 or by sending email at

League for Innovation in the Community College
4505 East Chandler Boulevard, Suite 250
Phoenix, Arizona 85048

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