Grants for Authors – Who are in Need

Unfortunately, there are fewer grants available for the authors who are in need. Authors do creative writing, but in order to sustain it, they have to publish their works and earn from it. This is where most authors fail. In addition to financial difficulties, there are also other factors in which authors become distressed and are unable to continue with their profession. There are lots of grants for authors in which foundations, organizations and institutions support their fellow authors to overcome tribulations and enable them to continue with his/her work.

Stephen King’s Haven Foundation Grants

Stephen King created a foundation which gives support and assistance to deserving writers and even artists who became incapacitated to work as authors due to some tragic occurrences or events. Stephen King’s Haven Foundation is providing grants for authors as well as artists’ cash assistance of up to $25,000. The foundation he created is a national as well as non-profit organization in which they create grants for the freelance writers and artists who are experiencing illness that threatens his or her career. Unwanted accidents, natural phenomena such as personal and natural or emergencies. The application can be downloaded in the website ( and be submitted to:

The Haven Foundation
PO Box 128 B
Brewer, Maine 04412

The Neighborhood Arts & Heritage of Greater Hartford Arts Council Grants

The Neighborhood Arts & Heritage of Greater Hartford Arts Council is one of the grants for authors in whom they support authors through assisting organizations in their goals of creating projects in the field of culture, history, and heritage as well as social services. This monetary assistance through the grant focuses on the programs and projects that make use of the arts as well as the heritage in enriching the worth of life in particular to its participants.

The cash grants will be funded under the GHAC’s United Arts Campaign. The United Way Community Campaign also contributes to the program. The financial assistance can be from $500 up to $5,000. This financial assistance from GHAC can be used for different reasons such as the cost of the materials, supplies, facility rentals and even the marketing it can also be used for mentoring expenses. The deadline for the application on this grant is on the 2nd day of June, 2011. You can contact Elizabeth Hucker by emailing her at or through phone call at 860-525-8629.

With these grants, there is another chance for unfortunate authors to shine.

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