Employment, Labor and Work Grants

The financial crisis and recession has brought about a domino effect in other industries besides the housing industry. The layoffs which resulted made it imperative to train these workers to be able to work in other jobs and industries.

The continuous development of manpower skills is important in keeping people gainfully employed. Grants for employment,labor and work are meant to help workers to acquire new skills through additional training. The areas of coverage of most grants is in low-income neighborhoods or areas of high unemployment.

Employment, Labor and Work grants are meant to help create jobs, help people keep their jobs or create new and more employment. The federal government, state, county and city governments, as well as private and corporate foundations sometimes work together to create programs or award employment grants separately.

Private companies, charities or individuals are also huge benefactors of Employment, Labor and Work grants. Among the big donors for employment grants are the:

  1. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  2. Lilly Endowment
  3. Sloan Foundation
  4. Verizon Foundation
  5. J. P. Morgan Chase Foundation
  6. SBC Foundation
  7. Joyce Foundation

The biggest percentage of these employment grants were awarded to non-profit organizations, health care agencies, colleges and universities, local government agencies, tribal institutions, and schools.