Grants for Various Classroom Needs

Many private and known companies internationally have their own charitable arm and foundation in which they support particular areas in the society. They show their support by offering free money in the form of grants. One of the areas in the society that they support is the education. Grants for classroom supplies such as books, materials, teacher support and computers are one some of the most popular.

A. Grants for Classroom Materials

As their means of supporting the community, many big companies in the country are offering grants and other form of assistance. Mainly, these private companies are supporting the cause of the education system in the country through innovation. Most of the time, they are offering grants for classroom materials. Some examples of the charitable arms of these companies are listed below:

American Honda Foundation

The American Honda Foundation with its grant making arm targets to give assistance to the education system in the country that fully reflects the main beliefs, tenets and philosophies of the Honda companies. The Honda has a mission of creative, imaginative, forward-thinking, youthful, scientific, innovative and humanistic. As they support the cause of education for the youth, they primarily focus in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or more popularly known as the STEM subjects. The grants are offered to non-profit organizations, public school districts, private or public elementary and secondary schools. The grant is open yearly and deserving organizations can receive monetary grant from $20,000 up to $60,000. The process of application can be completed online by going directly to this website: The deadline of application is always on the 1st of February, May, August and November every year. The other support documents and materials for application must not be submitted by fax. They can be submitted by mailing them to address stated below.

American Honda Foundation
1919 Torrance Boulevard.
100 1W 5A
Torrance, CA 90501-2746

Vernier technology Awards

The Vernier Software and Technology with the cooperation from the NSTA Technology Awards is offering a program in the form of grants K-12 schools all over the country. This grant is aimed in promoting innovation in the use of technology for collection of data using devices such as computers, graphing calculator, and other handheld instruments. These devices are intended for the advancement of science classrooms. The program will be awarding cash grant amounting to $3,000. The first $1,000is intended for the teacher, another $1,000 is used for purchasing Vernier instruments and related products and the last $1,000 is intended for the expenses that will be incurred for the attendance in the NSTA Annual Convention. The full details of this grant can be read at Application is to be completed online. Other application forms and guidelines are ready for download Call the foundation at (888) 837 6437 or email them at for more inquiries.

Vernier Software and Technology
13979 SW Millikan Way
Beaverton, OR 97005-2886

B. Grants for Classroom Computers

As technologies became very pertinent these days, many are harvesting the good things it can give to the people. Innovation in technology can be seen in gadgets like computers. These machines help lots of people and in all walks of life. Computers are helping every aspect of the society, even the education. Computers are now being used in classrooms to improve the learning and teaching. Many organizations as well as the federal government are supporting this movement are offer grants for classroom computers countrywide.

Apple Computers Inc. Grants for Apple Computers

The Apple Computer Inc. is helping the community in every aspect especially in the education. The charitable arm of the company is supporting the improvement of education in the community by providing grants for classrooms computers. This grant is not a monetary assistance, but rather a material grant that is very useful. Non-profit organizations can apply to this grant. The company is giving away computer systems intended for education purposes. The computer systems are composed of the desktop computer, peripherals such as speakers, modem, software and printer and so on. Aside from education, other objective of the grant is to give assistance to the arts and the community building. Eligible non-profit organizations must be willing to put the computer systems to good work in terms of research and development, arts, helping the disabled, helping the cause of the citizens actions in their community and for the innovation using the Apple systems. For more details, contact the Community Affairs of the company.

Community Affairs
Apple Corporate Grants,
20525 Mariani Avenue M/S 5-B,
Cupertino, California 95014

C. Grants for Classroom Teachers

In supporting their profession, there are private organizations assisting them by providing grants for classrooms teachers.

Teacher Professional Development Grants for Teachers

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics or the NCTM is awarding the Teacher Professional Development Grants for teachers teaching grades 9 to 12. The 2012-2013 grants are now open for interested applicants. The objective of this grant is to give assistance to the professional development of classroom teachers in the improvement of their competence in the aspect of teaching mathematics in schools. For the 2012013 cycle of this grant, deserving classrooms teachers can receive cash grant of up to $3,000. The deadline for the application in these Teacher Professional Development Grants is set on the November 11, 2011 for the 2012-2013 cycles. Applicants must submit first grant proposal. For the complete guidelines and the proposal forms, as well as the eligibility requirements, visit For more inquiries, call the NCTM at (800) 235 7566. The documents and other materials must be submitted through mail.

Mathematics Education Trust
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
1906 Association Drive,
Reston, VA 20191-1502

D. Grants for Classroom Technology

As the technology in today’s world improves fast and adds to that the new innovations that are set almost every day, it is ideal that people keep up with it. For example, in most schools, technology is very helpful and can assists teachers in their profession as well as the students in their classrooms. The technology can provide lots of benefits in the classroom such as increase in the classroom interaction and helping students absorb the lessons fast. Good thing, there are organizations that are willing to help this cause by supporting schools through grants for classroom technology.

Westside Elementary School’s Classroom Grants

In this grant by the Westside Elementary School, the teachers and staff of Norfolk Public Schools or the NPS Foundation can apply in the Classroom Grants, which is sponsored also by the NPS Foundation. The grants are intended for the innovation inside the classroom in which most conventional school funding cannot provide. Applicants must have the necessary ideas that will enhance the learning inside the classroom. The deadline for the application in this grant program for the 2010 2011 academic year is on the 13th of May, 2011. Application is to be accomplished online, which can be downloaded. The foundation will offer cash grant of $500 to ten recipients. Applicants must submit the completed forms to their administrator and their administrator will submit that form to the foundation.

Westside Elementary School
1703 Philip Ave.
Norfolk, NE 68701
Call them at (402) 644 2561

E. Other Classroom Grants

There are many private foundations and charitable institutions that are helping the cause of educations through the grants for classrooms. Through these wonderful efforts, less privileged and deserving classrooms all over the country can receive improvement in their teaching and learning system. Usually, the grants comes in the form of money and material things in which recipients can use for making innovation in the learning and teaching inside the classrooms.

McDonald’s Classroom Grants for the year 2011-2012

The Classroom Grants of the company giant McDonald’s is intended for the encouragement of the innovative use of technology as well as the recreation of excellence in the education system. The Classroom Grants program of the McDonald’s of Hays, Colby, WaKeeney and Russell award cash grants amounting to $5,000 to classroom teachers. A total of five grants will be awarded and each can receive up to $500, another ten recipients will receive $250. Applicants must submit a proposal to McDonald’s with the deadline at April 7, 2011, deadline. Forms for the application and other documents can be downloaded by going directly to this website: The application materials are to be submitted by mail.

McDonald’s Grants
2705 Vine, Suite 6,
Hays, KS 67601
For more details about the classroom program, call them at (785) 625 1712.

PreK-6 Classroom Research Grants

The objective of the PreK-6 Classroom Research Grant is to give support and give confidence to the researches that are classroom-based in the field of mathematics. Researcher must be collaborating with university or college mathematics educators. The program is awarding cash grant of up to $6,000 classroom teachers that are teaching mathematics in PreK level. Interested applicants should visit for the complete guidelines, eligibility and application process in this program. All application materials must be submitted in a single packet.

Mathematics Education Trust
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
1906 Association Drive
Reston, VA 20191-1502

The deadline for application is on November 11, 2011. For other inquiries about the program, call NCTM at 70320840 or 80035566. You can also email them at

Bright Ideas Education Grants

The Bright Ideas Education Grant is a program that is sponsored by the North Carolina? Touchstone Energy Cooperatives. This program is aimed to enhance the education system of the classrooms all over North Carolina through grants. The Tar Heel teachers teaching in grades K-12 are the one eligible for this program in which the cash assistance of up to $2,000 must be used for the innovative projects for the classrooms that cannot be funded by traditional programs. Aside from the Tar Heels teachers, certified North Carolina teachers from the stated participating schools are also encouraged to apply. Complete the online application process at and submit it to the local electric cooperative.

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