Universities’ Grants for Curriculum Development

Developing curriculum that will be used for education purposes is needed. In order to develop curriculum, there is a need for concrete studies and extensive research about the contents of the curriculum because it is the students and the quality of education at stake here. There are grants for curriculum development and most of them are offered in schools, colleges and universities. This assistance is a great way to have quality education.

Brown University Curricular Development Awards

The curriculum development grant by the Brown University is focused on the innovative development of the course for the university’s open curriculum. The programs are sponsored by the Dean of the College together with the Office of International Affairs and Creative Arts Council. These programs are as follows: international topics, student writing, creative arts and community development. Regular faculty members of the university are entitled to apply.

Below are the grant programs about curriculum development:

  • Writing Courses – has a deadline of February yearly. Applicants must submit proposals first online to Kathleen_McSharry@brown.edu. Application is done online at http://brown.edu/college/webapps/faculty_grants. Recipients can receive cash grant of up to $4,000.
  • First-Year Seminars – same process as above with same deadline.
  • International Studies – this program has a rolling deadline and recipients can receive cash grant of up to $4,000. Visit www.brown.edu/Administration/International_Affairs/international/intcurriculum.html for further details or contact Shelly Stephenson at Shelley_Stephenson@brown.edu.
  • Global Health – visit bms.brown.edu/ihi/framework to get the full details of this grant program.
  • Creative Arts Courses – offers up to $3,000 cash grant. The deadline for the submission of entries to this program is set on February every year.
  • Community-Based Courses and Research – offers $10,000 cash grant and managed by the Swearer Center for Public Services. This program has a rolling deadline.

For more of the grant programs of the university, contact the Dean of the College through phone at (401) 863 – 9800 or go to this website:


University Hall, 2nd Floor
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912

Center for the Study of Global Change’s International Curriculum Development Grants

The Center for the Study of Global Change of the Indian University in Bloomington is promoting the curriculum internationalization and they encourage incorporation about the global learning results in regards to teaching and learning. Four grants for Curriculum Development are offered every year. Contact the Center to get more details and information about the grants by phone at (812) 856 – 5523 or by email at global@indiana.edu. Go directly to this website to view the guidelines and the application process: www.indiana.edu/~global/funding/curriculum.php. All documents are to be submitted by mail.

Awards Committee
Center for the Study of Global Change
201 N. Indiana Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47408-4001

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