The private and federal government Grants for Charter Schools

Charter schools located at the U.S. are basically elementary or high schools that gets public funding (or private donations). However, these schools but are not subjected to some rules and regulations. The statutes are applicable to other public schools in return for some accountability types for the production of some results that are predetermined in every charter of the school. Charter schools are opened to all, but attended by their choice. Charter schools can provide alternative schooling to other public schools; still, these schools are portion of public education system and are there are no tuition fees. In order to help charter schools in their mission, private and the federal government offers grants for charter schools.

Charter School Program State Education Agency

The Charter Schools Program State Education Agency or the SEA announces the grants for charter schools. The deadline for application in this program is on the 18th of March 2011. The application guides and requirements as well as the process are all accessible Interested parties must first submit online application at This is where the selected recipients will be chosen. Inquiries can be ask by calling (202) 205 – 8524 and look for Leslie Hankerson or email her at For submission of printed contact of application:

Leslie Hankerson
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Ave., SW.
Rm 4W 249
Washington, DC 20202-5970

Daniels Fund Grants Program

A private organization called the Daniel Fund offers the Daniels Fund Grants Program in which this program gives support to non-profit 501 (c) 3 classified organizations specifically in the following areas: Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming. The program is open nationally, provided that the foundation invites selected applicants. The program targets charter schools. For the guidelines, requirements and application process go directly to All the necessary forms and facts are available for downloading in the website. The forms must be filled out completely. These forms must be submitted by mail and not by email.

Daniels Fund Grants Program
101 Monroe St.,
Denver, CO 80206

Interested applicants can visit their website and click the contact use link if they have any inquiries and questions. You can also call the foundation at (303) 393 – 7220 or (877) 791 – 4726. You can also email them at The deadlines, applications forms, important dates to remember are all in the grant guidelines and application forms in which the applicants must download.

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