Harry S Truman Scholarship Grant

What is the aim of the Harry S Truman Scholarship Grant?

To honor former President Harry S Truman through the operation of an education scholarship program, financed by a permanent trust fund endowment, to develop increased opportunities for young Americans to prepare for and pursue careers in public service.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Harry S Truman Scholarship Grant?

Undergraduate junior level students at four year colleges and universities who are properly nominated by accredited colleges or universities recognized by the Department of Education.

How and Where to Apply for the Harry S Truman Scholarship Grant?

The faculty representative of an institution is the key person in the Truman Scholarship selection process and serves as liaison between her or his institution and the Foundation. The faculty representative is responsible for publicizing the Truman Scholarship on campus, soliciting recommendations on students with significant potential for leadership in public service from members of the faculty, conducting a competition on campus in order to determine the candidates best qualified to be nominated by the institution, helping prepare the nominees for the competition, and insuring that the institution’s official nomination or nominations are forwarded to the Truman Scholarship Review Committee by the stated deadline.

The following information, on the official nominating materials, must be included with each Scholarship nomination be submitted online and include:

  1. The nomination and supporting information for the Harry S Truman Scholarship Grant must include a certification that the student is a candidate for a Truman Scholarship; a statement that the student plans to pursue a career in public service; a list of the student’s public service activities such as those associated with government agencies, community groups, and political campaigns; a list of leadership positions the student has held during high school and during the first two and one-half years of undergraduate study; a statement of interest in a career in public service that specifies how the student’s educational plans will provide preparation for that career; and a statement that the student is willing to participate in a week long seminar sponsored by the Foundation.
  2. It must also contain an essay of 500 words written by the student that analyzes a public policy issue chosen by the student; transcripts of the student’s college grades; and four letters of recommendation. One letter must be from the Truman Faculty Representative; one of the letters must be written by a faculty member in the student’s field of study; one by another person who can discuss the student’s leadership potential and abilities, and, the fourth letter from a person who can discuss the student’s commitment to public service.

How much is the Range and Average of Financial Assistance of Harry S Truman Scholarship Grant?

$2,000 to $15,000; $12,000.

For more information on the Harry S Truman Scholarship Grant, contact:

Headquarters Office
Louis Blair, Executive Secretary, 712 Jackson Place, NW., Washington, DC 20006
Telephone: (202) 395-4831. Use the same number for FTS
Web Site Address: http://www.truman.gov

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