Grants for Women Going Back to School

Completing a four or five-year degree course in a college or university is indeed a very difficult endeavor. Not everyone has what it takes to finish a degree course in the given and prescribed span of time. Some has to take breaks in between to rest, find a job or think about their plans for the future. Others stop in order for them to think if their current degree program is really the one for them. Still others stop altogether because of family problems or events in their lives beyond their control.

One of the reasons why most college students stop with their education is the lack of the necessary money to continue with their chosen degree courses. Without a doubt, college education is very expensive and not everyone has the financial capability to continuously fund the four or five years of college education. Recognizing this, there are universities, foundations and organizations that provide scholarship grants dedicated to students who are willing to go back to school. Specifically, these scholarship grants are intended for women who want to continue with their college education. Even at our present time, it is usually the women who are forced to stop attending school because of various reasons. Thanks to these grants and scholarships, women all over the country may now continue with what they had left in the university even years before. They can start again and reach their dreams after all.

Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship

Intended for women who are 35 years and older, the Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship provides a scholarship grant to deserving women who were not able to continue with their college education. The application cycle starts on November 1 yearly and the deadline is on March 1 of the following year. The selected students will be informed by July 1.

For a student to be eligible for this scholarship, she must be:

  1. 1. A US citizen;
  2. 35 years or older;
  3. Enrolled in or accepted to a regionally or ACICS accredited school;
  4. Pursuing a vocational or technical education, an associate’s degree, or a first bachelor’s degree; and
  5. Belonging to a low-income family or household.

You goals and your plans for reaching these goals, the challenges you may have faced, and your current financial situation will be considered, along with other matters, as important factors for your application. Each applicant should check with their school’s financial aid office to confirm their regional or ACICS accreditation.

Interested students may Visit for their online application.

For more information, you may send an email to or send your questions or comments by filling up a form at You may also call 706-208-1211.

Women in Transition Scholarship

For women who have stopped pursuing their degrees in accounting or finance because of financial difficulties, the Women in Transition Scholarship offered by The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting provides a grant up to $16,000 over four consecutive years. Renewal of the scholarship grant is dependent on successful completion of course work as evidenced by a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The application is open for incoming or current freshmen and those returning to school with a freshman status.

Interested students may download the application form at This application form together with the appropriate attachments must be sent by April 30 to:

Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting
136 South Keowee Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402-2241
Fax: 937-222-5794

Upon submission of requirements, the applicant may be contacted for an interview. Incomplete applications will not be entertained. The recipients of the scholarship will be announced by June 30.

For more information, you may send an email to or call the foundation via phone at 937-424-3391.

P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education

A maximum grant of $3,000 is provided by the P.E.O. Foundation to women whose education was interrupted due to financial reasons. The amount of the grant may vary depending on the financial need of the applicant and the foundation’s available funds. A student may avail of this grant one time only regardless of the amount awarded. The grant is intended as an aid for educational expenses such as tuition fee, books, transportation, etc. and not to be used for living expenses or to repay educational loans. The grant may be awarded to students pursuing either an academic or technical course.

For a woman to be eligible to apply, she must:

  1. Be sponsored by a P.E.O chapter;
  2. Be a citizen of the United States or Canada;
  3. Be studying in the United States or Canada;
  4. Had at least 24 consecutive months as a non-student sometime in her adult life;
  5. Be within 2 years of completing her degree;
  6. Not be enrolled in any doctoral, education, law or medical degree; and
  7. Be currently enrolled in any educational program.

It is the local chapter of the foundation that identifies a possible recipient. After which, an interview with the applicant will be set to determine eligibility. The chairman of the local chapter will be the one to submit the PCE Eligibility Form through the foundation’s website at Ten weeks before the beginning of the term for which the grant is requested, all completed applications must already be received by the foundation.

For those interested, you may visit the foundation’s website at the address given above or contact them at this address and phone numbers:

P.E.O. Executive Office
3700 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50312-2899
Phone: 515-255-3153
Fax: 515-255-3820

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